The Company

Created in 1996, EQUAFLIGHT company benefits from the know-how of its parent company, REGOURD AVIATION Group, created over 35 years ago. EQUAFLIGHT has truly established herself as a safe, demanding, and punctual airline company. Its fleet, made up with various aircraft adapted for every situation, provides personalized innovative solutions compliant with customer requirements.

Based on a quality service and on the respect of the highest aeronautical standards for maintenance, operations and safety (European standards), EQUAFLIGHT relationships with customers and partners are based on trust and long term. Indeed, EQUAFLIGHT operates for over 10 years for Republic of the Congo government and para-governmental organizations, for oil and recently for mining sectors.

At the same time, EQUAFLIGHT has been operating since 2010 a full service scheduled network linking Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville, to Port-Gentil (Gabon).

The EQUAFLIGHT team, its Managing Director, works according to TCAO standards and Congo aeronautics regulations, and does his best effort to offer to its customers the most adapted service at the most affordable price.

EQUAFLIGHT works very closely with REGOURD AVIATION Group’s other compagnies and with partners to make its offer the widest possible.